Dan Wheeler Medium

Dan’s has appeared across Channel Four TV & Live on the popular E4 Series The Super Salon TV Reality Show. Dan has been well documented in many pilot shows & research programmes as a genuine spiritualist psychic medium sharing his connection with the Spirit World.
Dan has been interviewed & published in many magazines and articles including the popular Super Natural Magazine & enjoyed working across a variety of radio and online chat shows over the last 10 years giving his thoughts, opinions & advice on spiritualism, mediumship and the field of investigating the paranormal.
Dan was awarded in 2018 for his hard work and dedication to spiritualism as a genuine spiritualist psychic medium at the European Paraforce Paranormal Society World Awards in Holland, being awarded the overall winner of his nominated category Best Male Spiritualist Medium Of The Year 2018.


” Follow Your Intuition It Will Always Lead You To The Right Destination”

”Stay Humble, One Day Your Life Will Flash Before Your Eyes!

Make Sure You Enjoy The Viewing”


Dan’s Style Of Work, Reputation & Following Is Growing At An Astonishing Rate Reaching Far & Wide Across All Parts of The East & West Midlands, especially in places such as Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire & Birmingham.
Over the past five years Dan has travelled to venues all over the UK, and worked successfully across parts of Southern Ireland, touring in Dublin & Drogheda whilst also venturing across parts of mainland Spain.
Dan became the youngest and just one of a few hand selected Accredited Spiritualist Mediums in the North half of England with the United Spiritualists Association. Receiving glowing reviews for his work and ethics to Spiritualism and high praise for his own Mediumship & Psychic abilities.
A straight talking down to earth guy who openly shares his experiences and connections with the spirit world. A friendly & confident young man who will connect you to the other-side with nothing changed or made to fit. Just pure feelings, heightened senses & direct messages from spirit filled with memories, evidential proof, guidance and most importantly love in order to prove the souls survival into the afterlife.