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Dan started out his Spiritual Journey in the Spring of 2009 at just 19 Years Old. At a time in his life where Dan had not experienced the loss of a loved one and had encountered no Spiritual or Paranormal happenings within his own life. Dan had no idea of what was to come and his life now sees him following, believing & understanding Spiritualism & Spiritual Healing across many different levels. Coming from a down to earth, hard working family it was a huge wake up call to life and the start of a truly amazing & exciting journey!


2009 - Dan began his Spiritual Journey after being involved in a Car Accident (RTA) on Good Friday, quickly realising something about his life had altered. Dan started Developing his Mediumship ‘Clairvoyant’ Connection with Spirit.

2010 - Just 9 months on from Dan's accident, having shown a strong clairvoyant sense of communicating with Spirit he thrived to learn as much as he could & started openly Demonstrating his ‘Gift’ in connecting us with our Loved Ones in the Spirit World across SNU Spiritual Churches & Centres, gaining an invitation to visit the Arthur Findley College to meet some world renowned mediums at the time in person.

2011 - Opened his own spiritual centre for 3 years with the soul purpose of reaching out and helping as many people as possible by opening the doors twice a week for anyone to visit and allow working mediums to connect the public back to their loved ones in Spirit.

2011 - First ever medium to sell out a 100+ venue in his hometown of East Retford and surrounding areas of Worksop & Gainsborough for a charity ‘Breast Cancer Event’ and followed this by another sell out 100+ Evening in Mansfield for the same cause. Allowing the Fundraisers to reach their set target - The Evenings Contributed £2900.00 to the total target raised. A huge accomplishment for a young lad at just 21 years old

2012 - Honoured to be asked by the Mayor of Retford to perform an evening of Mediumship to help raise much needed funds for the Mayor’s Chosen Charity of the Year ‘The Lincolnshire Air Ambulance’ at his chosen Venue. Tickets sold out overnight after a huge social media campaign completely overwhelming all those who knew and were following Dan at the time.

2013 - Having worked across Venues in most parts of Nottinghamshire, Dan became the first recognised Spiritualist Medium on the working ‘Circuit’ to organise and demonstrate in a 16 Medium ‘Psychic Supper’ - Still the Biggest Psychic Supper known in the county within a 40 mile radius and an event which sold out in 3 days seating over 160 people for a one off incredible night showcasing Spirit and some of the finest Mediums around the country.

2015 - Officially became recognised for his hard work and dedication as a ‘Genuine’ Spiritualist Medium by becoming at the time only the 3rd Certified working Medium within the United Spiritualist Association in the North East of England. Gaining his Membership and receiving glowing references and reviews for his professionalism and connection with Spirit.

2015 - Officially joined one of the Uk’s best Paranormal Investigation Research Teams ‘Secret Hauntings’ Led by Lord Paul Croft after an impressive demonstration on a live investigation, Dan was brought in on a Consultancy Roll to help on investigations to shed a light on the unknown paranormal occurrences/appearances that have plagued individuals, buildings and genuinely caused problems or brought emotional stress to peoples homes.

2015 - Given exclusive access to venues not open to the General Public and once highly televised on shows such a Most Haunted - ‘Rate the show and the staff as you will with Most Haunted’, but some of these venues showed extreme activity after having been left dormant and unused for some years - Secret Hauntings went on to gather astounding proof in recordings and footage from several venues.

2016- Honoured & Privileged to be asked to work alongside some of the nearest and dearest to the late Reverend Colin Fry - working a special evening of mediumship in his memory with a dear friend to Colin and fellow Medium Michelle at an exclusive South Yorkshire venue in a one off event.

2016 - Videoed live a Q/A interview (available to watch on Youtube) at the famous Annesley Old Church in Nottingham, where numerous encounters of the ‘White Lady’ have appeared with Paranormal Reporters Tom Warrington & Jon Bambra and Published the interview in Super Natural Magazine and Beyond Parazine Online.

2016 - Visited Spain, Ireland, Turkey - All Demonstrating at Specially arranged one off Evenings of Mediumship - Demonstrating Live to Hundreds of People his Connection with Spirit in Benidorm, Dublin/Drogheda & Antalya.

2016 - Appeared on the Popular Chanel 4 Tv Programme - Posh Pawnbrokers, later becoming good friends with the lead presenter Sheffield's very own Dan Hatfield.

2016 - Became the first UK Medium to work 7 consecutive venues in Dublin and then in Drogheda, Southern Ireland without Celebrity Status and completely unknown to the Irish Public at the time. The success of the shows then prompted a swift return visit just months later to work for a record number of Private Readings at the Glenside Hotel after demand was too high to ignore.

2017 - Proud to become the first ever Spiritualist Medium to organise, participate in and sell out back to back shows in 3 different counties - ‘The 4 Mediums Show’ never been attempted before was a great success to all involved which travelled to venues in Nottinghamshire then South Yorkshire and finished in Lincolnshire. These were special one off evenings with hand picked Mediums (some of the finest in the north of England) chosen to demonstrate their connection to Spirit for sell out audiences.

2017 - Became the First Medium Ever to be personally asked to work at the Lincolnshire Showground in the Epic Centre Main Arena where the likes of Elton John and other world class artists and celebrities had graced the stage for a sell out crowd of 250+ people. This evening would be the grande finale for the the highly successful ‘The 4 Mediums Show’ which had been travelling around different venues across all 3 counties, Notts, South Yorks & Lincolnshire.

2017 - Honoured to be invited to organise and work a very special and highly emotional ‘Memorial Fundraiser’ for the beautiful young girl Leonne Weeks who at just 16 Years Old was sadly murdered in Dinnington, South Yorkshire. All funds raised went towards building a stunning memorial garden for the family and friends of Leonne to remember her by.

2018 - Humbled to be chosen to work alongside a well known Sheffield based Medium Claire Powell-Pepper to organise numerous evenings of mediumship across many of the famous J.D. Weatherspoons Pubs across South Yorkshire to raise funds for the amazing Sheffield Children's Hospital & Clic Sargent Charity for Children.

2018 - Nominated by the World Paranormal Society Awards for Best Male Spiritualist Medium 2018

2018 - Filmed Live on Series 1 Episode 2 of E4’s - Super Salon, a series based at the wonderfully unique ‘Style Bar’ and invited to return to Sheffield to perform a special one off evening of mediumship for all the Staff, Family & Friends of those involved with The Style Bar, Sheffield.

2018 - Made appearences on several ‘Pilot Documentaries’ for various different TV Companies to be shown across The Globe on numerous different Networks & YouTube Channels.

2018 - Invited as a VIP Guest by World Renowned Paranormal Researcher and Demonologist Gert J. Brouwer of the Netherlands to film in Breda, Holland a live exclusive interview , recorded and aired across Facebook Live and uploaded onto Youtube.  

2018 - Award Winner - BEST MALE SPIRITUALIST MEDIUM OF THE YEAR 2018 as voted by the general public, paranormal researcher’s, members and former mediums including the World Paranormal Society Awards Panel receiving 100% of their casting votes.

2018 - Invited along to take part in an exclusive show a unique piece of history ‘The 48 Hour Project’ filmed lived in Holland alongside some of the leading names in the field and honoured to work closely with Gert J. Brouwer of the Netherlands in a paranormal environment.