The Public's Feedback...


Absolutely Amazed!!! Thank you Dan for an inspiring evening of mediumship. The things you told people and how you connected us back to those in Spirit is by along way the best I have seen for many years. Many claim greatness, feww show it... for me and my family that attended you could in no way possible have been any more accurate and to see someone who is also funny and lively and includes everyone into the evening it was simply brilliant. Cannot wait to see you return again next year. All the best for the remainder of 2018.

Lilly - Birmingham 2018

Thank you so much Dan for our readings tonight. The information you gave us at our group booking was spot on & brought us a great deal of comfort and guidance. Hope to see you again and keep up the amazing work you do!

Nichola - Derby 2018


Really enjoyed the phone reading today, nothing short of Spot On with everything you have said to me. Also crazy how you gave me my husbands mothers name and then my husbands name and told him to come onto the phone so you could speak with him and were currently seeing him in your mind in the Garage working on a bicycle. I mean that was unreal and he was sppechless after coming off the phone with you. I have to say, I have never seen him that quiet in his life lol. I would love another phone reading sometime and hope you push yourself further with this incredible gift you have.

Sheila - Limerick 2018

Dan, I am so overwhelmed with the level of detail provided in my reading and so happy you took the time to hang on towards the end and bring through one last member of my family who I have been longing to hear from, you were excellent. I am so glad I waited nearly 3 months to see you because it has been worth every moment of your time. I am excited to see where you go with your work and wish you all the very best.

Danielle J. - Scunthorpe 2018

Thank you Dan for an amazing and uplifting reading, I watched you on the E4 Super Salon and was blown away when you told that guy about his tattoo and the girl with her toothache and just knew I had to see you as that for me could not of been guessed! I can safely say by all the personal information that you gave me I would highly recommend you to anyone I come across looking for a reading. You really need to do more and people around the country need to see you work for real in person, that show did not do you any justice compared to what you tolf me. Thank you so much and that purple tie rolled up in my dads keepsake box in my safe with the picture of him on his bike will remain the best bit of information I have ever been told - NOBODY knew that but me.

Emma J - Sheffield  2018


Amazing Medium, been visiting spiritual centres and watching live demonstrations for along time now and never come across this one before, am happy to say he's the most impressive I've ever seen! I did not get a reading myself but have booked in to see him privately as he subjected several people to tears and shock moments when revealing accurate personal information relating to themselves and people who they have lost, including a dog which was insane to listen to him name the animal and the breed and how it passed over!!! Saved the best till last when I watched him give information to one couple being exact on a date within a month and it clearly meaning so much to the couple having the reading and he showed great empathy and understanding with them. He is not what you expect seeing a young man walk through the door dressed in casual jeans and a shirt - not in a suit and a fancy watch like most of them arrive very much ego led in my opinion, Dan was spot on, down to earth and I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT to have my private reading in a few weeks time. Keep going Dan you are better than you believe, and someone who everyone should see at least once in their lifetime.

Janine - Shirebrook 2018


Honestly, I have seen many mediums, psychics, clairvoyants... you name it!! I am more than happy to say this lad Dan is the real deal. I have had accurate messages in the past and been provided validation on certain things taking place in my life but I want to leave you quickly with a brief insight into what happened at my reading on 25.06.18. Dan gave me enough evidence of my fathers survival but then went on to tell me that the number 8 was my Grandad's house address of where he lived before passing and the date of his passing (both correct) and my dads was the number 2 and was also the date of his birthday (again both correct) and that on the 28th day of the 8th month 2018 I would finally move forward in my life and also sell my house for a reason he was unaware of but said it was a definite. I want to tell you all that he was correct. My wife and I have finally after 2 years of IVA found out she is pregnant which for us will change us completely and our home sold via us accepting an offer on the 28th August 2018 as we now need to upsize ready to make a family home. Some of you will call this chance (skeptics) but for me Dan was so assured of himself and even said to me when he leaves my house he leaves knowing he is going to be right and I would come back to him and let him know he was right, and that is the reason for this review. Simply incredible.

Simon Halls - Rotherham 2018


All I can say is I have never met you Danny, never seen your work or any of the shows you do but I am amazed at your connection with spirit. So pure, the reading was efficient, filled with details only I would know and understand, you gave me more in 30 minutes than I have had from so called mediums who have sat me down for well over an hour. I wish you all the best for the future and thank you again for the telephone reading this week it was perfect.

Michelle James - Leeds 2018


I have been to many 'Celebrity' & 'Popular' Mediums across the UK and have not always been happy with the quailty of the reading and messages given. The most the most important reading I ever had came from the wonderful Colin Fry, shortly after my father passed over and It was needed at the time and worth every penny to see Colin. However, I must admit Dan you have blown me away for the second time in my life, to make the connections you ddi with those in spirit and bring forward more than enough proof and in depth messages directly for me was more than enough, but to then pick up on my adopted sister and the re-union which is about to take place is just incredible. I am so glad my father, my nan & my closest friend all came through and you are in my eyes one of the best I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and receiving a message from.

Claire Smith-Taylor -  Barnsley 2018


WOW... we all cannot recommend this guy enough to everyone & anyone. Danny is so down to earth, he is friendly and polite with no arrogance or ego attached to his style of work compared to many mediums we've seen over the years. We booked a group for 6 people and it was absolutely amazing. Danny was spot on with his information, his dates, descriptions of people and he blew a few of the guests away when he described things that were hidden away in the house.. I mean how the hell would he know these things!!  It was an enjoyable evening all round and I would tell anyone to go and see him or book a reading and let him show you his genuine connection to spirit and then you can decide for yourself what you think about the guy but from all us ladiesyou've done amazing Dan keep up the great work.

Sharon - Worksop 2018


Danny I have to say being unable to travel far I have been gutted over the years that I have not been able to see you work after hearing so many glowing reviews about your evenings and how you work as a medium. I was then annoyed to have missed out on tickets for the showground event but can safely say your fantastic after booking in to have a private telephone reading with yourself and one for my daughter we are both astounded by your accuracy and detailed information relating to us both in our own separate way. , that we are both so happy we have had the chance to use you as a means to communicate with our loved ones in spirit.

Natalie & Donna - Grimsby 2018


Danny we came to watch you work at the 4 Mediums show at the Post Office Club after hearing loads of people talking about how good you are and singing your praises, can I just say I know you came on last to finish the evening off and it was probably a long evening for you sat around waiting but it was worth the wait you were incredible and so accurate with what you said. We can not wait to see you again in September at the showground and wish you all the best for your other shows, honestly the best I've seen x

Lydia - Lincoln 2018


I watched this young man demonstrate at Rawson Springs in Sheffield and I have to say I was absolutely blown away, and I am not surprised there are so many people talking about him and booking early to watch him work. His connection was the best I've seen to date and his evidence was spot on and unique to the person he was speaking with. It was refreshing to see someone dressed in just a top and jeans, not a suit like the showmen and women of this world and it has to be said he made everyone smile and laugh throughout with his humour and jokes. I don't understand why a lad this good isn't doing bigger and better venues but I'm sure in time he will succeed as I cant fault the lad. Well done Danny and thank you so much for our reading which you wont remember but you was 100% spot on and we can't wait to watch you work again in Sheffield.

Dave & Jade - Sheffield 2018


Met Dan and saw his work earlier in the year at an event in Lincoln... was so impressed booked a one to one reading for myself and three family members... suffice to say we were blown away by the accuracy of the personal information that came out... no gimmicks, no ego... a down to earth and hard working guy with a genuine and fabulous talent... will definitely be back... Definitely have things to ponder upon and put in perspective... thanks again Dan and have a great Easter.

Geraldine & Martin - Methringham 2018


Hi Dan would just like to thank you for an amazing evening tonight in Gainsborough.. Only just made it after going to the wrong place!! Was truly wonderful to receive messages from my dad and brother in spirit brought a lot of clarity and comfort.. I hope everyone who received messages from loved ones also had clarity and reassurance that their loved ones are with us in spirit.. and the audience were as grateful as I was to have witnessed your truly remarkable gift .. so pleased I made it looking forward to the next event soon x

Sandra - Gainsborough 2018


Thank you Danny for an amazing and accurate reading ,was blown away by all the personal information that you gave me ,has made me think ,can highly recommend ,will be back again xx

Angela Gripton - Ollerton 2017


Wow, Myself and a friend had a full reading from Dan Wheeler last night. We were both blown away by the information he had given us. If you want to see a real medium this is the guy to go to.I will give him 10 out of 10. He is the real deal trust me.

Wayne Goundry - Ollerton 2017 (Renowned Physical Transfiguration Medium)


Sorry I didn't see you go yesterday. I just wanted to thank you for all the lovely messages that came through yesterday for all of us we were all overwhelmed. What a great gift you have and lovely to have met you. Thank you so much for coming. Xx

Deborah McCormick - Bassingham 2017


I have seen this lad work after my sister dragged me to a show to watch him (not that I was bothered in the slightest tbh). I am not someone who leaves reviews or even contacts people but I lost my close friend 'Emily' when I was in university and I will admit I thought here we go... I'll get my Grandad or my uncle Tom come through someone who to me has been dead a lifetime... I kid you not Danny looked right at me pointed and said 'Scott'!! Emily says hello and why did you rip up your application form at work?! I was absolutely speechless and went freezing cold top to bottom, NOBODY and I mean NOBODY could pluck that out of thin air like many claim these mediums do and I had only 48 hours before (if that) ripped up an application form for a new job just down the road at a rival company. I dont want to say I am a believer but Danny you have changed my opinion now on life and I am seriously doubting things now.. perhaps there is an afterlife and thank you for the rest of the message but this first part completely had me and I have not shut up replaying it over and over again. Thank you, and I wish you all the best... Hope I see you in Leeds soon - Millennium Square is where you need to be !!

Scott T - Leeds 2017


Been to see this fantastic medium at work in Sheffield and at Lincoln now and both times I have been blown away. He is funny, he is genuine, you can see it on his face and how he interacts with you that he cares deeply about his connection with spirit and the work he does but above all his proof is out this world. Not to name names but I have paid to see mediums stand there and talk about their sexuality, stand their and talk about who they have worked with and these 'big names' they've brushed shoulders with for a night but ultimately deliver naff all info that to me is specific enough to the person receiving that info OR my pet hate they stand there waffling on for 15 minutes and read about 10 people out of a room of a 100. WELL ladies and gentleman you'll be pleased to know that at last there is a medium who works as fast as he can and tries to get as many done as he can (roughly I think he did about 15-20 people in his time slot) and the proof is fantastic, in fact scarily good at times. Just keep an eye out for his name... worthy of watching him once where ever you get to see him.

Ellie - Sheffield 2017


Well, what can I say, except thank you Danny. A truly enlightening experience this evening, and you have given me plenty of food for thought. You are down to earth, say it as it is, and a lot of what you said tonight makes sense and was very accurate. You have a gift, and I hope you continue to use it. You can bring a lot of joy to a lot of people. You will always be open to ridicule and scepticism, but just do what you do, and remain true to yourself, and you won't go far wrong. I wish you every success for the future. Thanks again. Debbie x

Debbie Faulkner - Chesterfield 2017


Just to let you know you was right a girl due in September lol.. x

Justine Nos - Worksop 2017


What a brilliant demonstration you gave to us at clay cross .. your such a polite young man speaks clear and has a good bond with spirit .. you gave lots of laughter and things to think about . For people that's never seen this fella work he comes Highley recommended and you won't be disappointed my daughter wasn't sure of spirituality and she's I believer all the way now thankyou to this young man ....X

Kim Webb - Chesterfield 2017


Myself and my friend met this gentleman last night. It was brilliant . We both were sceptical and nervous as first timers to something like this but it was certainly worth the time to see him.

Claire Dixon - Lincoln 2017


Saw danny last night at a group reading, he was incredible was absolutely spot on and put a few things into perspective for me! Would highly recommend x

Abi Thompson - North Hykeham 2017


I was left speechless on Friday Night. Danny brought through not just my grandad but my grandma and then my younger cousin. His evidence was unreal, to sit there and have him shout my name at me and the tell me I was born on a Tuesday and the birthday most important to me was the 16th April was incredible. This was the first time I have ever been to a public demonstration after being told by so many people to go and watch Danny I can only say he did not disappoint and I will certainly be keeping an eye on where he is next because he has a very unique style of working and I for one cannot rate him highly enough based solely on the facts. He tells you what he's got, he doesn't make it fit he doesn't change it and that was the most impressive part of his demo!! xx

Lianne - Rotherham 2017


A delightful young man, who was very accurate above many other mediums I have seen in the past. Would highly recommend a private reading with him, his studio room was very calming and I simply was blown away by the connection he made to my dad, not just describing him and his character with very personal dates and times but he absolutely blew me away when he called me by my nickname which I know hand on heart NOBODY has ever picked up on that nor called me by it!! Amazing xx

Angela W - Retford 2017



This lad is one of the most lovely and genuine person you could have the pleasure to witness with proof of his connection with spirit. He's a nice lad with a beautiful young family. The first time I met this young man I was just mesmerised as he talks of family his life and his adventure into letting spirit into his life. And as he speaks you just know he has this connection and he gives so much upliftment and evidence. . I recommended Danny to serve my local church and WOW he left people gob smacked he gave such a good service and I felt so proud of him.. he's having a good adventure at the moment working with spirit and working with some amazing mediums and going from strength to strength and it's amazing to watch.. I can highly recommend if this fella is serving mediumship near you please go along and see this lad work .. There's no way you will be disappointed… Kym xx

Kym - Worksop 2017


If anyone is thinking of seeing a medium I can highly recommend Danny. My recent reading eased some of the pain losing a loved one brings and left me feeling reassured they are still with me everyday sending their love. Missing them somehow doesn't seem quite so painful anymore thanks to Danny and his incredible gift, thank you for sharing it with me. I will definitely be back for another reading in the future x

Tracy Hunt - Retford 2016


Myself and my fiance saw Dan work live on a paranormal investigation as we were part of the general public in attendance on the night and we were more than impressed with his level of work and so decided to pay that little bit extra to get Dan to visit our home and read for us together. For those that haven't seen Dan and dont know what he's about I want to re-assure you that he literally is one of the nicest gentleman we have ever met. He is so calm and confident with his abilities and he talked us through what would happen, how information would be passed on,  if we had questions what to ask and to think about how we word our questions to Spirit and then to sit and listen to him go on about our family members, how they looked, which houses they had been in nosing about and the messages that followed etc was truly a blessing and a unique reading that we have not experienced before from many if not all the mediums we have met over the years. For us we feel this is personal but something the public should know.. Dan was not aware at the time of us trying for a baby and at the end of the reading I asked a silly question of 'could we have children' the background to us is irrelevant but what is important is that Dan leaned over and took both our hands, and said ' I dont know personally but spirit do' Trust yourselves and come back to me in October when you have made the magic happen and are carrying your beautiful daughter to be.. so you all know October was only 12 weeks away at the time and we had tried for 14 months. However, Dan said 'do not shoot the messenger as he laughed' when I tell you she will be joined to your son'. It was the last thing he said as we wished him all the best and away he went. We are pleased to say and Dan thank you so so much for everything you said.. We are now the proud parents of our Twins Girl & Boy Lexi & Jaxon - We worked it out at halloween 😉

Summer&Adam - Cambridge 2016


Been to see a medium tonight. Danny Wheeler he's amazing. I've had messages off my mum, brother and mamma. And he was spot on. It's upsetting but a relief to know my mum knew I was holding her hand as they put her in a coma. The next thing she knew she was in heaven.... She didn't die in pain. She died peacefully and her last feeling was me holding her.

Jolene Potter - Sutton-in-Ashfield 2016


Danny is an amazing medium, he brings love & laughter when he does his demonstrations. I have seen him work a few times now and each time he has been brilliant at bringing loved ones through with his guides and grandfathers help. They work really hard together to bring the correct proof through to the audience. I would highly recommend you see Danny because he's a great guy as well as a great medium.

Adele - Edwinstowe 2016


I have just witnessed what can only be described as a breath taking performance from that young man, I've watched him constantly all night in awe and shock at what evidence he gave in his messages. I will be the first to admit, being in a hall with another 80+ people tonight I knew the chances were low of a reading but after hearing such wonderful things I decided to bite the bullet and go see for myself what it was my friends were all raving about. So there he stands, (Danny Wheeler) a young man, very well dressed and looking extremely calm. Takes a sip of water and addresses the audience before completely blowing my mind! I was not fortunate enough to be picked on tonight or my 2 friends but my word was it still fascinating. Just listening and watching him work was a true pleasure and I feel he restored my faith tonight that there are real mediums in the world and not just fakes.

Amanda - Lincoln 2016


I am not an easy person to please and have to know there is substance to the message for it to stand true. I am critical of many so called mediums and the paranormal but with this ‘gift’ there was something about Dan that changed my overall opinion of life after seeing him work. Over the past 6 months we have known each other he has proved to me and those around me, on countless occasions, exactly how genuine and rare his gift is. I hope that he is able to help you as he has helped me, and I thank him for all he has done in such a short space of time. I’ve never seen Dan or heard it in his voice boasting he is the answer to all, for this we all know is untrue, but what I will say is I believe him when he says he will do his upmost to guide you or get you the answer to try and help you succeed in understanding life does go on.

Jack Hughes - Sheffield 2016


I have seen many mediums in my time, in the England and over seas and I don't feel I have ever seen one get as close to the point as this young man. His accuracy of information and his interpretation of what spirit where giving to him and talking to him about was quite frankly the best I have ever seen. I am a local gentleman who has travelled to many spiritualist churches, centres even watched mediums in the pubs and clubs but I go back to my first statement, Danny is the best I have seen. People may wonder why?! Just a big comment to make about someone. This lad received 4 NO's on the night from 4 different people. Did he stop there and disappear and move onto someone new.. NO! He stayed right there and brought through 3 extra bits of information to prove himself right. I watched all 4 people then agree and realise what it was he was talking about. Now that for me speaks volumes of the man. Never take NO for an answer. He appears to work very closely with spirit and doesn't force an answer on you, he seems to speak with spirit and understand where it is the person in the audience has gone wrong before proving himself right. There is no attitude or arrogance from this man and he stayed behind for clearly the best part of 40 minutes after he had finished to chat and help others. I cannot fault him nor find fault in his approach to medium ship or his work with spirit and I for one wish you every bit of success you achieve in the future Danny. Fabulous. Chris.

Christopher - Lincoln 2016


Would just like to say thank you Danny, had a reading from this very talented man the other day, can’t believe how accurate the reading was. I've seen many mediums and come away thinking that they were cold reading and very vague with their messages. Danny on the other hand told me things that nobody knew about my past, and brought messages from loved ones which made me feel very at peace. Can’t thank you enough Danny.

Kelli Henson - Nottingham 2016


I have had the genuine pleasure of being able to say I have seen this young man’s work, up close and personal in a 1 to 1 environment as well as on platform. I first got to see Danny at a spiritualist church and was amazed at how accurate his evidence was on the night but I feel I get so much from the church there is never a need for me to seek a private reading. However, this guys was so close and on the mark with his proof that anybody will see him and feel compelled to ask for a private sitting. I've seen a lot of mediums in the past 17 years of being involved with the churches and spiritualism but Danny is something different, I cannot put my finger on it but he's just a likable guy and very down to earth with his work and how relaxed he is when connecting with spirit. I

shall continue to pass word around of you Danny and I wish you every success in life, I still remember the day you sat in front of me and said all that direct information to me and still I chuckle thinking back to things you said to me. I have watched you grow into a fantastic young medium over the past few years and can only say to you 'Get On With It' and show the people what your capable of. Stay grounded and remain strong and always trust that link you have with the spirit world. I cannot rate you highly enough for being so genuine and natural with this ability and I hope the future stays bright for you. All the best, Elizabeth

Lizzie West - Newark 2016


I had the pleasure of meeting Danny on 1 of his recent trips to Ireland. What an absolutely lovely, 'normal' & genuine guy he is. I've been to many psychics over the years who all came 'highly recommended' from friends but I was never really that impressed, not because I'm a sceptic but just because I've always been told the same predictable vague stories about kids, work & love life. Like most people who visit psychics, I suppose I would always make what they said 'fit' to what I wanted to hear - mainly so I could justify the €60 I'd just spent!! So to be honest, I didn't expect a sitting with Danny to be much different but went along with the girls for the craic anyway! Ok, so to say he blew me away with the things he told me is an actual understatement. It wasn't major life events that he was predicting for my future with the promise of a Prince Charming around the next corner, but he spoke about intensely personal things that nobody, really nobody would ever know about me. Truly incredible, & he didn't bat an eyelid at some of the crazy (and true) stuff he was telling me either...haha! My lovely Granda 'came through' immediately which was really so nice as he is dead now about 16 years & it had actually been a long time since I had last thought about him. Throughout the reading, Danny spoke to him (& others). He gave me messages & shocked me with acknowledgment from my Granda of some of my life events that he wasn't around for, or so I thought!! I listened intently throughout with a few laughs & a couple of tears, but left there feeling a real sense of knowing again what I was doing in my life & with the reassurance that I always have him by my side. I'm listening out for his footsteps Danny & I really hope I hear them again soon!

Sincere thanks again... Marie, Ireland xx

Marie - Drogheda, Ireland 2016


Being involved in all things paranormal from a very early age like myself can cause a number of factors with belief in the field. The Fox sisters began the spiritual movement in 1888 which catapulted a momentum of hoaxes and downright unexplainable phenomena. The rise of the Ouija board evolved and an influx of (apparent) gifted people flooded the world claiming to talk to the deceased.

I for one have been brought up to question everything which is a great tool to have whilst investigating apparent phenomena. My path crossed with Danny's on the 14th April 2014 at a private investigation. My immediate perception was a surprise! He wasn't the stereotypical medium I had experienced in the past but a person who had something different about him.

That night had changed my concept on mediums in general. Something did happen that I don't want to share for public downgrading, but all I can say is that Danny Wheeler has a gift. A truly remarkable person who oozes something special.

For people sceptic like myself I must strongly recommend to attending his platform demonstrations.

You will not be disappointed.

Thomas Warrington (Co Founder of Secret Hauntings, Writer for Supernatural Magazine and Beyond Parazine & Host of Award Winning Talk Show - Pure Paranormal Radio Show.

Tomo Warrington - Sleaford 2016


Well where to start, Danny is an amazing speaker last night we had him at our church and the message he gave me was so spot on and the proof was amazing, I wish I could have Danny back to the church all the time as he is amazing with his proof and evidence you can tell and see all the emotion and feelings how each message he gives has an effect on his feelings can’t wait for him to come back to our church.

Barbara Ann O'Reilly - Doncaster 2015


We have seen Danny at work on a number of occasions and we are always astounded at his incredible talent...he connects so well with spirit and is so accurate in all of the finest details, it's astonishing. He is such an approachable, friendly individual and having seen him pass on messages from loved ones in spirit to people he randomly meets day-to-day proves that he is truly selfless. It's heart-warming to see him put his talent to such good use in benefiting those that need his help...bringing a little bit of sunshine back into someone's life. We have had the privilege of seeing him change people's lives forever, this man has a talent that needs to be seen to believed and should be shared with the world. We look forward to the next time we get to witness Danny help lost souls reconnect, bringing the living and spirit worlds back together to find peace. We cannot recommend him highly enough.

Fiona & Chris Robinson - London 2015


This young man quite simply put me to my knees, I sadly lost my daughter 5 years ago to the day that I went to a spiritualist church in the hope of getting a reading. Danny told me everything I could have wished for and more and even took the time to wait between my tears so I could gather myself before he continued, such a wonderful gift he has and so natural. He really doesn't lie when he says it just comes to him and he gives what he gets, I enjoyed the entire evening and like many of us said outside chatting, we wished it didnt have to end and he could have worked for longer. Keep your eye out for this lad everyone, we all love a bargain and this guy is value for money all day long. Best wishes for the future Danny. Jackie, Leeds.

Jackie - Leeds 2015


What is so striking about Danny's mediumship is his determination to bring through genuine evidence of survival after death. He will work out any problems if the recipient doesn't understand. All done with warmth and his own unique style. A truly gifted individual who just keeps getting better and better. There is no ego with this wonderful soul, he is clearly driven by his desire to work for the Spirit world and be the best channel he can be. If you want proof - then seek out Danny!

Jon Harper - Scotter 2015


Danny is an amazing medium, who brings forward the proof and the truth of the surving soul in spirit, I travelled from Grimsby to see him at Doncaster and would easily travel to see him again, many are asked , few are chosen and believe me this young man was chosen and is doing what he came down he to do best, connect you all with your loved ones that have shed their earthly bodies and provide you with out doubt that your loved ones souls live on in another realm.

Sharon Ferrand - Grimsby 2015


I am speechless. This young lad is so accurate it's beyond doubt he is connecting to the other side. What evidence he gave was 100% spot on with all the names the dates even the number of my children their sex and ages it was breath taking. I've witnessed some mediums in my time work but it won't be long before this lad gets snapped up and is off to bigger and better things. Truly inspiring performance and yet such a loving gentle and genuine man. All the very best with your ability and life you deserve it Danny.

John & Claire - Hull 2015


Danny is an exceptional medium and was very accurate, everything he told me I could relate to, truly great reading. I would certainly recommend Danny he is fantastic If you want a brilliant accurate medium Danny's the man, very honest and caring person. Good luck for the future

Wendy - Rampton 2015

I went to a group session a few months ago with my daughter, I had never been to one before but I had heard how good Danny was and wanted to see for myself, Danny started talking about how his journey started and then said he needed to speak to me, the things he said to me was unbelievable but the thing I remember most was him asking about the wardrobe door that had fell off, I was totally gobsmacked as I hadn't told anyone about this only my partner had to come put it back on for me as it was a mirrored wardrobe and it had just feel off whilst I was getting ready only the week before, Danny you are an amazing young man and I can’t wait to have a personal reading with you, well done and hope you continue on your fabulous journey x

Tanya Cooper - Retford 2015


I have seen mediums before but after seeing Danny and the information he was giving people and their response to him I was blown away, from that day I have always said if you see one medium in your lifetime make sure it's Danny Wheeler – there is no simpler way to write a review of this guy… he’s brilliant.

Paul Croft - Nottingham 2015


I cannot thank this young man enough for what he has done for me. I saw this guy in Mansfield and he re-connected me with my grandfather and my son who had only just passed away. He gave me his name, his date of birth and the item I laid to rest with him, who the bloody hell knows this stuff!! I have no clue how he knew and I am not a believer in this, but he changed my mind instantly and now I am much more open minded. Not just because he gave me the proof and the message but because I sat their denying everything and he came outside to meet me during the break and carried on where he had left off. I remember this young lad walking away saying sorry if it makes no sense but I have to give you this info or it will stay with me for days as he has not done his job properly. I was truly shocked and wobbled by the whole experience. I have since sent my wife to see Dan and she was speechless, first time in 20 years... which was nice!! But seriously whatever he told her that night he struck every nerve possible and she smiled for days on end afterwards. You keep going lad, you’re doing right and you'll always keep busy with that amazing gift of yours. Ricky

Ricky Limes - Mansfield 2014


For those of you who don't know, Danny is my son, so I'm sure many people will think I'm very bias in writing this but I know first-hand exactly how accurate all his information is and how his journey into Spiritualism started. I know he's my son but he's a good honest lad and tries his very best to help all those he connects with. Because he is my son I cannot express enough how totally blown away I am every time I watch him doing his Mediumship. I've sat numerous times in a room full of people who I know Dan has never met before and watched him give messages that only someone close to them in the room would know, and understand with some information and evidence absolutely stunning me at times on the accuracy of what he talks about to these people. I've watched people cry their heart out to him and laugh their socks off. All I know is, whether it’s your first time or your 100th time I can guarantee a fantastic reading from Dan and a genuine honest reading at that!!.

Fiona Brown - Retford 2014


I would recommend Danny Wheeler Clairvoyant Medium as a high medium he is one of the best I've seen so far he's so true with what he says he really does connect with the other side and delivers with passion ... Everything he told me was spot on not a thing I had to sit and think about it was all true .... I cant thank him enough for what he told me .... So if there is people who is out there wanting to see a MEDIUM please go and see him he's amazing !

Deb Rushton - Mansfield 2014


I would like to highly recommend Danny Wheeler Clairvoyant Medium he is such a pleasure to go and see he really does connect to the other side he delivers with passion the reading he gave to my mum was amazing and so true he was spot on with everything he says ... The way he works it's amazing we have seen a few mediums but I must say he is the best by far yet and I'm looking forward to seeing him again soon ... So if there is anybody that's looking to go see a high medium please go see danny you won't be disappointed that is for sure ... He enjoys what he does and delivers the best he can

... So go and have a seat and see what happens 🙂 ... All the best danny x

Kim Rushton - Mansfield 2014


I witnessed Danny at a cancer charity event over 2 years ago and he absolutely stole the show. He was so natural at delivering the message and I think for me the most important part of the evening was when somebody said 'No' to what he gave. He doesn't just stop there and call it a day, he actually goes back gets you the correct information and will explain where he has gone wrong and that amazed the majority of the people in the room. I have seen a lot of mediums in my time, I'm a very spiritual person but I kid you not, Danny is unbelievably good at what he does and it will take a very special someone in my eyes to beat this lad. So genuine, So loving to the audience and at times so funny. Take a word of advice from an old timer, if you’re going to see one medium in your life make sure its him!! You will understand why it’s so hard to write a bad review. I wish you all the best and every success in life Danny Wheeler, keep up that amazing work.

Nadine Walters - Chesterfield 2014


Definitely recommend this Clairvoyant. He got everything spot on for me. I will be having it done again soon. I wouldn't go to anyone else as he got things down to a T the 1st time. Also he’s a lovely chilled out guy too!

Jessie Devonshire - Worksop 2014


I had the pleasure of seeing Danny work at one of Past Hauntings investigations, on doing many investigations with other paranormal groups I have found many mediums to be unapproachable and egotistical but Danny was not like this, very approachable and friendly, just a normal guy with a great gift. Also willing to help you in your own journey where he can, looking forward to the next investigation and hopefully see him work on platform in the near future! Thanks Danny keep up the good work

Vicki - Nottingham 2014


I have seen Danny on many occasions and every time I have been astounded by the messages he has given to me and my family members. Danny has a unique way of making you feel completely at ease and comfortable and is a lovely and polite young man. I believe Danny wants to help others as he has helped me and my family, nobody should pass up the chance to see him work as you will not be disappointed. Everything Danny has told me has proven to be true and I can't wait to see him again.

Rebecca Harker - Retford 2014