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Legal Disclaimer

You Are All Reminded That Any Communication With The Spirit World Is Experimental In Nature And Therefore, Any Guidance Given Is For You To Consider Only. Demonstrations/Events of Mediumship Are Solely For Entertainment Purposes Only. How You Interpret The Reading Dan Gives To You Is Solely Your Own Responsibility And Should You Be Wishing To Seek Legal, Medical, Financial Guidance/Help You Should Seek The Appropriate Professionals.

When Attending Shows/Events/Demonstrations/Readings You Are Consenting To Being Over The Age Of 18 & Of Sound Mind. Not Be Under The Age Of 16 At Any Show/Event/Demo And Between 16-18 You Must Have A Parent or Legal Guardian Present. Any Decisions Made After Dan's Readings Or Resulting From Dan's Reading Are Your Sole Personal & Legal Responsibility From The Moment Your Booking Is Confirmed And The Reading Begins & Into The Future With All Decisions You Make. Please Note Readings, Events Can Be Cancelled, Re-Arranged or Postponed At Anytime. 

Dan Will Refuse The Right To Work For Anyone Secretly Filming Without Consent, Who Is Intoxicated Or Found To Be Using Illegal Substances And Who Is Aggressive Or Harassing Towards Dan's Style of Mediumship And Dan's Professional Attitude As A Spiritualist Psychic Medium.  Should Any Event, Demonstration, Show or Reading Be Cancelled On The Spot By Dan Due Solely To Factors Listed Above - Dan Is Entitled To Full Pay And Will Stop Work Immediately, Seeking Appropriate Compensation If Necessary Should Payment Be Declined. No Refunds Will Be Offered On Any Event/Show/Demo Unless Otherwise Stated. 

Any And All Harmful Threats Will Be Passed To The Local Authorities Including Any Breach Of Copyright Or Image Use Without Consent. Any Advertising Or Comments Seen To Completely Miss-Represent Dan's Work And Name Will Be Dealt With Immediately And Using The Right Channels Of Communication And Further Legal Proceedings Where Necessary.

The United Spiritualists Association:
Membership Number - A1760
Accreditation Documents And Insurance Papers Are Available To View Upon Request.

Privacy Policy 

Dan Respects The Privacy Of All His Website Visitors And Does Not Share Any Details With Any Third Parties Under The General Data Protection Regulation Act (GDPR).
If you sign up to Dan's mailing list that is because you signed up yourself, which means you have asked Dan to keep you updated with any information or offers relating to Dan Wheeler Medium. Dan does not hold any other information about you other than your email address. As Dan is regularly asked by people to add or amend their email address for them it must now be noted that you need to do this yourself. You can also unsubsribe by using the link at the bottom of every email from Dan or by mailing Dan directly.



PayPal.Me Official Link 

Dan understands that cash payments and card payments via SumUp/NFC cannot always be made and therefore the only official Paypal.me link to Dan Wheeler Medium is: paypal.me/dwmedium - Please do not make payments to any other link.